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Our site is dedicated to preserving details of Chinese Xian Shen Deities and other information about Chinese religion and folk law. It builds on the studies by Keith Stevens, now taken forward by Ronni Pinsler.

The main focus is to provide the details on individual deities through images and individual biographies. The details on the deities can be found in both tabular form, ideal for initial searches and investigations and fully detailed pages including images and a detailed biographical details for each deity. You can see all the various options and Guides for using the site by using the buttons immediately following this paragraph.

The Deity information is fully searchable through the search bars included on each page.

At launch (July 2020) there were over 1,500 individual deity listings and 20 detailed articles.

So lets get started, Full Details on all our Resources can be found in the Resources Centre, direct links to some key resources can be found through these links :-

We have provided a number of different layouts, with differing levels of information, which we hope will meet the varying requirements of our website users.

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Much of Keith Stevens original work was completed using the Wade Giles system for transcribing Mandarin characters into the roman alphabet. We are gradually converting Wade Giles transcription into the modern Pinyin.

Please use the following link to articles on conversion between the two systems.

We need people to help convert the old Wage Giles into current Pinyin, add and research new Xian Shen Deities for inclusion on the website and for help in many other areas.

If you would like to get involved and help us, please contact us through this link.